How are the Classes Maintained (data quality)

In the Classes-overview I noticed two Classes with the same name, one with capital I and one with the lower i.

How are the classes maintained? Can any of the 1.500 DMO’s add new classes? Who will moderate (and authorise) the additions?


I looked deeper in the matery and noticed the following (screenshot). It looks like a different with DataTourisme and Schema.Org. What would be for us the best Class to use?

Hello Ype,
The class name are the same but the namespaces are differents :

The first class name indicates that the two classes are equivalents, that means that all properties from schema:IceCreamShop can be used by DATAtourisme
The second one indicates that the IceCreamShop is also a FoodEstablishment. It provides Food, in that case, it provides IceCream.

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